A support ticket is a request for technical support from our Customer Care.

The ticket can be presented without time restrictions, but will be examined by our technicians during office hours (Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 17:30)

The answers to the ticket and the closure of the same will be notified to the customer by email, to the address indicated in the registry

Tips for opening a ticket:


  • provide all the information necessary to identify and limit the problem

              Describe the problem in detail, the circumstances in which it occurs

  • avoid opening multiple tickets for the same incident

             One of the (many) advantages of the ticket is that all information relating to a certain incident is concentrated within the same ticket; opening multiple tickets for the same problem only means dispersing     this information, making the resolution often more complicated or, at least, longer

  • avoid dealing with different topics on the same ticket

          Each ticket identifies a single "incident", and can be managed by different personnel depending on the type of problem.

  • before opening the ticket, check that the solution is not already present in this portal

It sounds trivial, but our response to almost half the tickets is simply the link to the article in this knowledge base.

So, if you do this search yourself before opening the ticket, you will save a lot of time