Can it be used with an anti-cellulite cream?

Yes of course you can use creams and even anti-cellulite oil


Is it normal that the area massaged the next day is sore? Am I wrong something?

It is completely normal for the treated area to be sore as the muscle fibers are stimulated

Should the head with the black retina be removed or not?

The black screen head should only be fitted when the wavy head is used

Should you hold it firmly close to the skin or place it alone?

For correct functioning it is not necessary to press hard on the area to be massaged, just place it on the area to be treated and exert a slight pressure


On which parts of the body can the product be used?

It can be used to treat the buttocks, legs, abdomen and arms

What are the recommended usage times?

 Perform a 2-3 minute massage on the abdomen and 5 minutes on the legs and buttocks. It is possible to vary the duration of the massage according to your sensitivity. The total duration of the treatment should be 15 minutes.

Do not use the appliance for more than 15 minutes. Prolonged use beyond 15 minutes may produce excessive heat, reducing the useful life of the product. Allow to cool before continuing to use the product.

 Use the device daily until you see results, after which it will be possible to carry out a maintenance treatment 3 times a week. To maintain results over the long term, it is recommended that you take care of your lifestyle and diet.

Is the massager powered by mains or battery?

The product works on 220V mains


What is the difference between the massager code 40.500 and 40.946?

The only difference is the ball head design. The other features of the massager remained unchanged

Can it hurt if used every day? That is, can it cause something to the skin?

The product can be used daily. If you suffer from particular skin diseases it is best to contact your doctor before using the product