What is the vacuum blender?

 It is the latest discovery to maintain the original freshness of fruit and vegetables. The drinks obtained from the vacuum blender reduce the phenomenon of oxidation, as the contact with the air itself is reduced and makes everything more velvety.

 More vivid colors

 The vacuum blender maintains fresh colors and the natural nourishment of the juice. Instead, using a traditional blender, bubbles are created, due to contact with the air.

 Clean and unchanged flavor

 When the ingredients are mixed by a vacuum blender, a clean and natural flavor is obtained, since the layers are not separated, which is not the case with traditional blenders since the air bubbles stick to the food fibers.

 Creamy sensation

 A velvety juice is obtained thanks to the shredding of dietary fiber, what is obtained is an entirely healthy fruit / vegetable juice. Usually the juice is filtered, due to the graininess that is felt, but thanks to the vacuum blender no component of the juice will be eliminated.

 Vacuum storage of your juice

 The ingredients are blended and can be kept for as long as you like, keeping the flavor fresh for the whole day. Thanks to the vacuum preservation your juice will keep the natural and fresh flavor every time you drink it.

 How does it work?

 You insert what you want to blend into the jug with the blades. Before blending, the blender creates the vacuum of air inside the carafe, after which it blends all the compound under vacuum, avoiding oxidation

Below you will find the link to watch the product video on the Beper YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzqaDptKapY