The ultrasonic aroma diffusers work through a plate that emits ultrasounds (not perceptible either to the human ear or to that of dogs and cats), these ultrasounds "break" the water molecules and transform them into a thin perfumed mist which is pushed to the outside of the diffuser by a fan which also contributes to a correct humidification of the environment.

The ultrasonic diffuser has an electric operation that allows you to make the most of the benefits of the essential oils used, without altering the oil content in any way, the ultrasound technology, in fact, allows you to immediately evaporate the product that will be immediately present in the air, without heating it, we speak of a cold evaporation

Their use is really very simple, just fill the tank with water, up to the MAX level indicated on the tank, and then add 8/10 drops of your favorite essential oil or the desired oil mixture.

If the essential oils are pure, they are not water-soluble and will remain "floating" on the surface of the water, this does not pose a problem as the water molecules still manage to capture them and take them outside to perfume the air.

The attention to the type of water to be used must be very important, this small attention can make it last as long as possible by limiting the formation of limestone. In fact, limestone could damage the ceramic plate and no longer emit ultrasound.

The maintenance of the speakers is very simple, but it must be done frequently. The residues of essential oils, if not removed, will damage the product.

Clean the tanks as follows:

Remove the power cable

Fill the tank with water and a few drops of white vinegar. Leave on for 15 minutes

Empty the tank and remove the water and vinegar residues with a soft cloth.

Clean the ultrasound plate with cotton or a small soft cloth